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Ms. Anonella Di Fazio

Principal at FDC

Antonella Di Fazio has joined FDC in 2019 after a 10-year career at Telespazio where she was project manager for satellite navigation programmes. She has more than 25 years of experience in GNSS.
Project coordinator or technical coordinator for numerous EU-funded projects dealing with GNSS services and applications in main transport domains and with GNSS internationalisation, Antonella has developed a strong expertise in domains such as downstream services, intelligent transport systems, standardisation and international collaboration. Since 2006, she has been involved in activities aimed to introduce EGNOS and Galileo services outside Europe, in particular in the neighbouring countries around the Mediterranean (i.e. Turkey and the European Neighbourhood Instrument – ENI – South countries) and in the Arabic Peninsula region (the countries belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council – GCC, Yemen and Iraq). In the two Euromed GNSS projects (METIS and MEDUSA) she was the coordinator/team leader and the key senior expert, providing technical assistances to the countries and to EC in relation to main aspects related to the signal coverage extension, capacity building, training, awareness, applications in transport sectors (primarily aviation, road, freight transport/logistics), feasibility and benefit validation, cost/benefit analyses, institutional and regulatory framework. She has relationships with key relevant regional/sub-regional entities, she has contacts and cooperates with the countries’ decision-makers and key stakeholders. In the frame of MEDUSA, she set-up and managed the Galileo EuroMed Cooperation Office (GEMCO), the EU GNSS regional cooperation and operation structure established in Tunis. Antonella is also familiar with the development of service offering /provisioning schemes, business plans, marketing strategies, commercialization.